Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Bengkel Bonsai Amal oleh Persatuan Seni Bonsai Kelantan yang dianjurkan bersama Bonsai & Stone Academy dan Bonsai Club International

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Noryadi said...

As a Vice-President of PSBK, I would like to grab this opportunity to express my thanks to all PSBK members nationwide who have given their highest commitment to support all PSBK programs throughout country. The last is the Charity Bonsai Workshop which was held at KL recently.

My highest appreciation conveyed to the small committee who struggled these past few days to ensure the workshop succeed with flying colors.

Thanks to Wan Kamarudin, Mad Soghee, Saleh, Najmi, Noor Rahim and Hj Halim who contributed their effort in term of monetary and manpower.

My big heart to both of our speakers of the day, Master Bohori from Kelantan and Master Robert Steven from Indonesia who contributed their own remarkable roles to the workshop.

Good spirit. PSBK unites, we strong!